Where to get iPhone Repair Training?


A lot of people these days are interested in learning to repair and fix iPhones, no wonder! These machines cost in excess of $700, so obviously there is good money in repairing them.

But first we must ask, what to people want to learn?
How to remove the iPhone 5 screen
How to put a new battery in the iPhone
Replacing broken glass on the iPhone display
How to refurbish iphones

Fortunately, all of these topics are covered in the iPhone Repair Course which is a full online home-learning course which teaches you all you need to know about iPhone repair.

Apple iPhone 5, where it has been removed cunning gadget from the iFixit surgical doctors. Unlike in earlier versions of the iPhone, iPhone’s sixth generation is easy to fix with the screen is the first thing that it is easy to separate devices, but there are many more found it.

First, however, we want to make it clear the purpose of demolition is to find out how easily will fix the new iPhone and the iPhone 4S than easy task. The most common approach to iPhone screen, and the news is that you will have to replace the rest of the new iPhone screen time is only 5-10 minutes and up to 40 + minutes, as the 4S situation. Instead of the broken glass behind the aluminum and glass means less and less. The good news.

Next, you want to see have been impossible to make the iPhone 5, because it is much disassemble and large 30-pin connector 4S. This is why Apple followed the lightning.

So, if you want an iPhone Repair Training Course, we fully recommend this product. 9/10!

Call it (freshmen) the iPhone 5 screws controversy. Part of the adhesion characteristics of their dense mode, the battery and the screen of the Apple products are known to be difficult to repair. Anyone who has tried to get the glass iPhone without breaking it, change the battery, and know how difficult it is. When the iPhone 5 when the ship next month, can be difficult to repair.
How will this be? Apple has redesigned it to use the products of the future, such as, the iPhone is asymmetric (shown above), the Redditor thrownawayyesok screws.
Apple was among the first to accept those annoying types of Torx screws Pentalobe, now is not too difficult to imagine to pay in the future, making it more difficult to repair Iphone, ipad and mac computer child Cupertino.
DIY guys and girls, as well as independent mechanic, would have a serious asymmetry screw Cuochu Apple products. Then again the first person to pick up the new iPhone 5 screws tools or storage – screwdriver and more? – All the business they can handle.


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