How to take apart the iPhone 5

1)    Turn off the phone.

2)    Using the SIM card removal tool, take out the microSD.

3)    Using a pentalobe screwdriver, take out the 2 screws either side of the charge port.

4)    You will need a suction device to gain a bit of leverage on the front screen. Attach the cup and apply a little upwards pressure. Once a separation has been gained, use a case tool to run this around the phone.

5)    Warning: The LCD Screen, digitizer and camera ribbon cables are beneath a metal plate at the top of the phone. This needs to be undone first so that the cables can be removed.

6)    With the cables removed, the front screen can be separated from the phone. At this stage, either of these components can be replaced with a new one if needed.

7)    The home button and earpiece are secured in by plates with screws on the rear of the front screen. These can be undone and the components prized out with the case tool.

8)    For changing the actual LCD panel, this is secured in under yet another plate with six screws, which need to be undone and the screen pops out.

9)    To remove the battery on the main phone the metal shield to the right of the battery needs to be removed. There are three Philips screws here.

10) Once the plate has been removed, the battery is connected by ribbon cable, which can be undone by case tool.

11) Reassembly is just a reverse of these parts.


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